Working to change the way things work

Historically, I don’t often write about work. I’m going to change that, and post a weekly update about something related to the world of marketing, public relations, social media, and consulting.

Currently, I’m working with a software firm located in Australia that truly has technology that will change the way a lot of our world works…assuming I do my job, they do theirs, and we can convince people to embrace these new tools. The overall package is called Valise Suite, with bits and pieces of the suite that you can tailor to your own business needs.

The first product is a little artificial intelligence program, YourXpert, with a bit more than 12 million lines of code and counting. It can do things that unnerve me, which is good, this gives me something to work with.

More soon, but I wanted to sort of mention this project early, so that I could reflect back over time and update along the way. Magazine articles and multiple interviews are already lined up for this project – the first stop is an interview for the CEO with Forbes.

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Zane Hagy

PR and marketing pro. 84 marathons. 1 Olympic Triathlon, Ironman goal. #vegetarian #running #marketing #publicrelations #tattoos #triathlons #cats

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