A Good Day to Tri Hard

Well, after ten years of pondering a triathlon, I finally did it. No storytelling on this at the moment, although there is one to tell.

Suffice it to say, I’m happy I finally did it, and now I have to ponder when/where to schedule my fist 1/2 Ironman, as I continue this journey.

I’m not a cyclist, and I’m not a swimmer, but I now can at least say that I am a triathlete (at least at the Olympic distance).

Published by

Zane Hagy

PR and marketing pro. 84 marathons. 1 Olympic Triathlon, Ironman goal. #vegetarian #running #marketing #publicrelations #tattoos #triathlons #cats

2 thoughts on “A Good Day to Tri Hard”

  1. That’s fantastic!!! Congratulations. I’m not sure you can say you are ‘not a cyclist’ anymore. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s next. I think a half or a full would be a lovely 50th present to yourself…


    1. Wow, I just sort of typed that out for myself – didn’t really think of someone seeing it or replying. THANKS! I’d love to make it to a full for a 50th birthday present, just not sure I can devote the time – a 1/2 at least. Pondering. Looking at the options this weekend. More to come, and thanks again for the comment!


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