Buy the expensive whiskey

Time will pass. The things we worry about will pass. Some of the things we want desperately will come our way, and some will not. Things we aren’t worrying about will blindside us and leave us temporarily devastated, this too will pass. The good is never as good as we imagine, and the bad is never as bad as we fear. Our health may hold, it may not. We may have 50 years ahead of us, we may cease to exist before the day closes.

We have to make decisions we can live with, whether others understand them or not. Let one of these decisions be to buy the good whiskey. Trust me, there is a difference. When your days are gone, know you’ve helped others…but also done a few things for yourself.

Try Tri Again

I’ve tried this before. I’ve decided I want to do a triathlon. I bought ‘Triathlon Training for the Time-Crunched Athlete’ and never found time to read it.

Now, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I simply don’t have time to do this. I don’t have time to train properly and develop the necessary swimming and cycling skills to effectively complete a triathlon.

It’s amazing how, sometimes, realizing how futile and impossible something is…makes you dig deep and find determination to pull off the impossible.

This time, I’m going to make it happen. I am going to complete an Olympic Triathlon to start, and make it to a Half Ironman in the first half of 2020. One way or another, this will be the time that it happened.

Living: Dead or Alive

Life means something different at 48 years of age than it did just a few short years ago. I’ve started to ponder more frequently what the next years will look like.

I’ve developed a sense of safety and routine in my little box. I do things that many would be terrified to do, but they no longer terrify me. I see things that once looked boring to me, they no longer look boring.

I’m pretty sure I can find a way to enjoy the rest of my years in this box if I need to….but if I do, am I alive or am I dead? Or am I neither?


Learn to run in the rain

Bad day? Bad week? Can’t get a break in the clouds?

Life is not about the perfect days, it’s about learning to run in the rain. I know this isn’t a new quote or saying, but it deserves consideration.

If we spend our lives only appreciating the perfect moments, only making decisions when the outcome is certain, only doing things we already know we enjoy…we miss what life is about.

Don’t hide from the rain, step out into it and let it wash away the mediocrity the world forces upon you.

Notes to self, on self

It’s been an odd few years. Nothing is as it was expected to be, nor is anything as it seems.

I’m not the kind of person I think of as being tattooed. I never dreamed I’d have visible modifications of any form made to myself. Yet, in the past three years, twelve very visible tattoos have appeared on my arms. Three more are planned. Once these three are in place, I think I’m done.

Daily, someone asks me what the tattoos mean. When I’m in a bad mood, I point out that they’re words and recommend an investment in a dictionary for a deep understanding. The real answer to that question, however, is that they’re simply reminders for me. Reminders of who I need to try to be, reminders of things that I’ve done wrong, reminders of who I wish I was, reminders of things that didn’t happen, reminders of things that did happen, and reminders that there is always a tomorrow.

  • Discipline
  • Willpower
  • Aequitas
  • Veritas
  • Destiny
  • Nevermore
  • Dolorem Ipsum
  • Forevermore
  • Fortuna
  • Thanatos
  • Perception
  • Reality
  • (As Above – So Below) – coming soon
  • Memento Mori
  • Sui Generis

No pretty tattoos, and no tattoos bragging about accomplishments. Simply, notes to myself – on myself, as to who I want to be and why I am who I am.

Unsolicited dick pic

Social media may be the most important tool to come along within my lifetime. It has completely changed how we communicate.

There was once a time that we actually had to pass notes to girls asking them to look at our dick.

Then, life changed and we could just text them and ask if they’d please take a look. This was nice, but soon after this occurrence, we could suddenly use our phone to simply take a picture and send it! No more long delays of having to find out if anyone truly wanted to see our dicks!

Now, we can send dick pics that disappear after a few seconds, which is probably a more realistic way to look at erections anyway. Perfect.

The content of the current news cycles and the information that most people share in today’s world is honestly less value than a disappearing dick pic. The misinformed masses are now able to share and promote stories that have zero validity and completely sway everything from elections, to marketing campaigns, to the hiring of a college football coach. Fact checking isn’t needed. If an untrue headline catches someone’s interest, they share with 100s of other misinformed loons who then share it with 1000s more misinformed loons.

Please, from now on, STOP SHARING UNSUBSTANTIATED NEWS STORIES. Do us all a favor, if you don’t have time to look into the topic you’re pretending you care about, do us all a favor and just send a dick pic.

Memories, possibilities, and realities

“Memories and possibilities are even more hideous than realities.” – H.P. Lovecraft

No truer words have ever been printed. I can’t think of a day in the last few years that hasn’t been rife with fibromyalgia pain, stress, mistakes, and wrong turns. Realities, however, are things we can deal with. They’re right in front of us – you simply lower your head and push through. You know that reality, as much as it may suck, is going to turn into a new reality in a few moments. This new reality may suck too, but you push through, because yet another new reality is just around the corner.

We can’t push through memories and make them change. They’re there, haunting you. We can’t go back and seize possibilities that have passed. We can’t go back in time and go through a different door. All we can do is let these things follow us and always be there, like an echo somewhere in the back of your mind, always influencing your present.

Whatever you face today, face it knowing that the ramifications of how you handle it will be with you for the rest of your life. Take chances. If you don’t take chances, you’ll always remember that you had the chance, and wonder about those possibilities that never become reality.

Don Draper, Tony Stark, and the pussification of America

With every refresh of the news cycle, more allegations of sexual misconduct are announced, more careers are derailed, and more people suddenly are thrust into the spotlight.

First, before things come completely unhinged, I need to go on the record and say that I am sympathetic with anyone that has truly been hurt by any other person. Any form of true abuse should not be tolerated.

That said, we need to make sure we are truly looking at whether or not people are truly hurt, truly damaged, truly pushed into situations that they were not capable of handling without media attention. We need to make sure we aren’t simply catering to a lot of people that would rather complain or bitch or moan rather than fight to survive.

There’s a reason that Don Draper and Tony Stark are popular fictional characters. There’s a reason we have opposable thumbs. The strong, powerful, smart, and attractive are driving forces in society. They’re the people that men and women look up to (even if they hate them at the same time).

People that are driven are going to take chances and try to get what they want. People that are successful are accustomed to getting what they want and they’re going to keep pushing for more. If you don’t want to give in, don’t. Become more powerful than them. Grow an extra thumb and prove yourself to be the next step in evolution. Be the person that people aspire to, not the one that got upset because someone hit on you when they were drunk.

Acting like our current lineup of actors and politicians were the first womanizers, predators, and players is asinine. Social media, mobile phones, and digital cameras make it easier to get caught and easier to spread the word, but this isn’t new. Look at famous men throughout history, if you think they didn’t bend a subordinate over the woodpile you’re fooling yourself.

As a male, I have to say that women have called out things to me that I’d never have dreamed of saying to them. Men and women have instincts that sometimes come out. I’ve never been offended at the random foot in my crotch at a table or hand brushing across my crotch. One of my bosses, female, put me in a very bad position once and I turned her down….and lost my job. I stood up at the time, didn’t wait 25 years, and moved on.

There are a lot of genuinely bad stories in the news. There are a lot of bad rumors in the news. There are also a lot of things out there that simply need to be left out of the spotlight.

Again, for anyone genuinely hurt, I’m very sorry. For those of you that are giving far too much credence to the current hot-button of inappropriate conduct, go fuck yourselves (but make sure you get your own permission first).

I swing both ways

I swing both ways. Violently, with a bat. Come get some motherfuckers.

The last few weeks, months, and years have been a little tiring.

Things simply build up over time. Work, personal life, goals and dreams, politics, Millennials, social unrest, social malaise, bad coffee, it all snowballs through the years.

When it gets to be too much, don’t give up. Pick up a bat and start swinging. Swing in every direction with everything you have. When you’re too tired to keep going, keep swinging.

Make Mistakes

Whatever you do, you’ve done some things that didn’t work out. If you’re a driven individual, you’ve flat out done some things that failed miserably. You can’t break new ground without having a few things go horribly awry. The key to winning is to keep making mistakes. The more mistakes you allow yourself to make, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll accomplish. So, lets all make mistakes…lots of them.

Work your ass off while nobody’s watching

I’m constantly told by others how easy my line of work is for me. Clients and colleagues reference the fact that this all comes so easily to me, that I just fly by the seat of my pants and inherently know what to say and do. The kind ones refer to me as an idiot savant, the descriptions go downhill from there. I have several clients that are the same way, during a meeting they appear to there for fun instead of work…yet they know the answer to every question and have researched every angle of the discussion at-hand.

What people don’t see is the fact that behind every hour of appearing to have superhuman talents and knowledge, there are countless hours of work and dedication. I’m not more talented or smarter than anyone else in the room, and I’m certainly not a savant (the ‘idiot’ moniker, however, is likely applicable).

Making it all look easy is simply the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But it’s worth it. It’s just like time at the gym. Those that are able to lift more and run faster than you make it look easy, but that’s because they’ve put hours of effort into it. So, work your ass off on when nobody’s looking, and let everyone think you’re naturally the best there’s ever been.