Showing up is NOT half the battle

When I hear someone say that showing up is half the battle, it makes me ill. I don’t just cringe, it makes me physically react…it’s a verbal weenie shrinker. Showing up is NOT half the battle. Showing up is a minimum requirement of existence, we’re already here, we’ve already shown up.

Once we show up, that’s when the battle begins. Whether we’re discussing relationships, work, sports, Candy Crush, or masturbation…you have to put work into getting the results you want. Simply showing up and staring at your partner, your office, your running shoes, your iPad, or your privates will not spur them into giving you the reaction you’re looking for.

Once you show up, see what needs to be done, and do it better than anyone else could. Work your ass off to get what you want and to be missed if you’re gone. Push yourself to be the person you can be, not the person you are.

And if you ever hear anyone say, ‘Showing up is half the battle,’ – smack them in the face or kick them in the crotch, and tell them they couldn’t be more wrong.