Unsolicited dick pic

Social media may be the most important tool to come along within my lifetime. It has completely changed how we communicate.

There was once a time that we actually had to pass notes to girls asking them to look at our dick.

Then, life changed and we could just text them and ask if they’d please take a look. This was nice, but soon after this occurrence, we could suddenly use our phone to simply take a picture and send it! No more long delays of having to find out if anyone truly wanted to see our dicks!

Now, we can send dick pics that disappear after a few seconds, which is probably a more realistic way to look at erections anyway. Perfect.

The content of the current news cycles and the information that most people share in today’s world is honestly less value than a disappearing dick pic. The misinformed masses are now able to share and promote stories that have zero validity and completely sway everything from elections, to marketing campaigns, to the hiring of a college football coach. Fact checking isn’t needed. If an untrue headline catches someone’s interest, they share with 100s of other misinformed loons who then share it with 1000s more misinformed loons.

Please, from now on, STOP SHARING UNSUBSTANTIATED NEWS STORIES. Do us all a favor, if you don’t have time to look into the topic you’re pretending you care about, do us all a favor and just send a dick pic.