Learn to run in the rain

Bad day? Bad week? Can’t get a break in the clouds?

Life is not about the perfect days, it’s about learning to run in the rain. I know this isn’t a new quote or saying, but it deserves consideration.

If we spend our lives only appreciating the perfect moments, only making decisions when the outcome is certain, only doing things we already know we enjoy…we miss what life is about.

Don’t hide from the rain, step out into it and let it wash away the mediocrity the world forces upon you.

Memories, possibilities, and realities

“Memories and possibilities are even more hideous than realities.” – H.P. Lovecraft

No truer words have ever been printed. I can’t think of a day in the last few years that hasn’t been rife with fibromyalgia pain, stress, mistakes, and wrong turns. Realities, however, are things we can deal with. They’re right in front of us – you simply lower your head and push through. You know that reality, as much as it may suck, is going to turn into a new reality in a few moments. This new reality may suck too, but you push through, because yet another new reality is just around the corner.

We can’t push through memories and make them change. They’re there, haunting you. We can’t go back and seize possibilities that have passed. We can’t go back in time and go through a different door. All we can do is let these things follow us and always be there, like an echo somewhere in the back of your mind, always influencing your present.

Whatever you face today, face it knowing that the ramifications of how you handle it will be with you for the rest of your life. Take chances. If you don’t take chances, you’ll always remember that you had the chance, and wonder about those possibilities that never become reality.

Don Draper, Tony Stark, and the pussification of America

With every refresh of the news cycle, more allegations of sexual misconduct are announced, more careers are derailed, and more people suddenly are thrust into the spotlight.

First, before things come completely unhinged, I need to go on the record and say that I am sympathetic with anyone that has truly been hurt by any other person. Any form of true abuse should not be tolerated.

That said, we need to make sure we are truly looking at whether or not people are truly hurt, truly damaged, truly pushed into situations that they were not capable of handling without media attention. We need to make sure we aren’t simply catering to a lot of people that would rather complain or bitch or moan rather than fight to survive.

There’s a reason that Don Draper and Tony Stark are popular fictional characters. There’s a reason we have opposable thumbs. The strong, powerful, smart, and attractive are driving forces in society. They’re the people that men and women look up to (even if they hate them at the same time).

People that are driven are going to take chances and try to get what they want. People that are successful are accustomed to getting what they want and they’re going to keep pushing for more. If you don’t want to give in, don’t. Become more powerful than them. Grow an extra thumb and prove yourself to be the next step in evolution. Be the person that people aspire to, not the one that got upset because someone hit on you when they were drunk.

Acting like our current lineup of actors and politicians were the first womanizers, predators, and players is asinine. Social media, mobile phones, and digital cameras make it easier to get caught and easier to spread the word, but this isn’t new. Look at famous men throughout history, if you think they didn’t bend a subordinate over the woodpile you’re fooling yourself.

As a male, I have to say that women have called out things to me that I’d never have dreamed of saying to them. Men and women have instincts that sometimes come out. I’ve never been offended at the random foot in my crotch at a table or hand brushing across my crotch. One of my bosses, female, put me in a very bad position once and I turned her down….and lost my job. I stood up at the time, didn’t wait 25 years, and moved on.

There are a lot of genuinely bad stories in the news. There are a lot of bad rumors in the news. There are also a lot of things out there that simply need to be left out of the spotlight.

Again, for anyone genuinely hurt, I’m very sorry. For those of you that are giving far too much credence to the current hot-button of inappropriate conduct, go fuck yourselves (but make sure you get your own permission first).